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Browser Comapatibility Issues Effecting Your Conversion Rates?

Mar 31, 2009

Developing a tabless layout that is purely driven by CSS is the the way to go. These tabless designs are known to be more search engine friendly, less bulky, save on load time and are more user friendly. One of the downfalls of a tabless design is the many browser compatibility issues that can arise. Different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firex Fox and Safari for the Mac treat some design attributes differently. Internet Explorer is known to cause more issues then any other browser out there and they hold over 40% of online users. Testing a web site and operation in multiple browsers on multiple platforms is very important for any web operation. Without proper testing a significant amount of users could be seeing a broken design which is very un tasteful and could lead to a downfall in conversion rates. The team at The 801 Web Design test all of their web operations to the full extent on all the major browsers and platforms.

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